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Saturns Casualty

Return of Saturn

14 July 1983
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Not much to say really.. I'm a young girl living her life, trying to do the best I can. I play on an APA pool team every Tuesday night, I am one of two girls running a little coffee shop in a Honda dealership, and I spend my free time being utterly lazy - mostly. My roommate is cool, a friend since junior high who pays his bills and is fairly clean for a boy. I have two rabbits, Mahle and Turbo. I date, but so far that's been mostly messy.. nothing successful so far.
I have a weakness for Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola. I could eat pasta every day and be content. I love animals. Nine-ball is my favorite game. I play Scrabble and Monopoly online often. I can drink most boys under the table and still hold my own. Whiskey is my achilles heel... I hate vodka. And yellow mustard - fucking disgusting. I have a foul mouth. I change my hair all the time, although my natural red is very pretty. I totally dig my freckles. Vanilla and Lavender together have become my signature scent. I read a lot. I don't have children, and don't particularly want any. I never want to be divorced, so doubt that marriage is in my future. I believe in magical things. I have faith in the people in my life, even when they let me down. I try my hardest to be optimistic, even when I'm depressed..
My family lives far from me, and I like it that way... I have four younger brothers, an [recovering..]alcoholic mother who only birthed one of those bros, and a father and stepmother who are awesome - although far too conservative for my lifestyle. I refer to my dad and stepmom as "my parents".
I don't watch television, although I keep up with some favorites by watching them online. How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Greys Anatomy, Samantha Who?, Dollhouse, and Weeds are my current shows. HIMYM is the best show on television. I vote to bring back sitcoms!

I long to travel, fall in love, have a dog, be free of debt, get a pure white cat, find peace within myself, share my life, write a novel, understand astrology, ink my arm up, have long hair, get braces, sky dive, learn to sail, live on a boat again, and meet my match.